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best honeymoon hotels


The fun part of a wedding is undoubtedly the honeymoon that follows right after it and it’s integral that it should be packed with fun, adventure, comfortand a great deal of romance. After week-long wedding festivities, the couple deserves a relaxing and romantic getaway to not just rejuvenate and recondition themselves but also to connect on a personal level. Shimla, cuddled in the Greater Himalayan region, is the perfect destination to get to know your partner better, recognizing the fact that it is brimming with vibrant streets, mystical mountains, architectural wonders and cuddling weather most months of the year.

To amplify the love and passion, the couple deserves an experience that oozes of comfort, warmth and luxury in their desired budget. Parfait Hospitality offers exactly this and more in the form of the best honeymoon hotels in Shimla; The Grand White and Sanobar The Euphoria Grand. The beautifully spacious rooms with modern amenities, high end services, stunning views of the Himalayas and well-structured architecture makes ours the most desired hotel in Shimla for a romantic getaway. With this kind of exemplary services at such an affordable price bracket, you’ll be guaranteed an experience worthy of praise and admiration.

You can choose to go about your day or opt to relish our indoor/outdoor game area while slurping on some delicious drinks under the soothing rays of the sun. Make your night’s one for the books, by wallowing in a romantic dinner from our widely acknowledged and loved multi-cuisine restaurant. Another unforgettable and cosy night can be spent around a bonfire while enjoying each other’s presence under the sparkling stars.

Capture precious moments while staying in the best honeymoon hotels in Shimlaand experience the start of a fairy-tale and the magic of love float around in your life forever.

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